Nurse Midwives

Kristy Bedell, CNM

Kristy received her MSN from Emory University.
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Melissa Burke, CNM

Melissa received her MSN and Midwifery from Frontier University in 2021.
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Mitra Davis, CNM

Mitra received her MSN from Medical University of South Carolina.
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Laura Griffaw, CNM

Laura received her CNM from Frontier University Hyden.
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Annie Ladisic, CNM

Annie completed her Masters in Midwifery at Vanderbilt.
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Hannah Whitcomb, CNM

Hannah completed her MSN from Vanderbilt University.
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Natalie Whitworth, CNM

Natalie her MSN from Frontier Nursing University.
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Katie Wunderle, CNM

Katie graduated from the Nurse Midwifery program at the University of Florida.
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