Schedule for Prenatal Visits

August 7, 2020

Your prenatal visits will begin approximately 12 weeks after your last menstrual period and continue


Tips for Breastfeeding Success

You can do it! Four out of 5 moms in America start out breastfeeding but by...[View Article]

My Breasts Are Killing Me

Breasts can become incredibly tender with pregnancy. The hormones of pregnancy start stimulating the breast...[View Article]

Breast or Bottle Feeding?

Experts agree that breast-feeding is best. It helps create a bond between you and your...[View Article]


Fetal Kick Counts

A healthy baby moves frequently in your uterus. You can help look out for the...[View Article]

Emergency: When Do I Call?

After 36 weeks there are specific reasons you should call your doctor’s office or answering...[View Article]

COVID-19: The facts

We have vaccines for many deadly viruses that harm humans. The pandemic of 2019-2020 has...[View Article]

Healthy Living

Why Weight is a Critical Factor in Pregnancy

“Is this something I’d feed my baby?”  Being mindful with food is key to a...[View Article]

Healthy Eating Habits in Pregnancy

Many women in the USA are on a diet of one sort or another. Once...[View Article]

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Seven percent of pregnancies are affected by diabetes. Women either have diabetes before pregnancy or...[View Article]

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