Christopher E. Bassil, M.D.

Born in South Florida, he received his residency at Baylor College of Medicine.
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Keisha Dennard-Hall, M.D.

From New Jersey, she completed her residency at Magee-Women’s Hospital.
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Genevieve L. Fairbrother, M.D., MPH

Originally from England, she completed her residency at Emory University School of Medicine.
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Kirsten L. Franklin M.D.

Dr. Franklin completed her Residency program in OB/GYN at East Carolina University.
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Jill J. Henke, M.D.

Originally from Texas, she received her residency at Emory University.
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Sara F. Jennings, M.D.

Originally from Georgia, she completed her residency at University of Alabama.
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Kristen H. Lady, M.D.

From Georgia, she completed her residency at University of Kentucky.
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Jennifer A. Loehle, M.D.

Originally from Louisville, she completed her residency at Medical University of South Carolina.
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Claire A. Parker, M.D.

Originally from Philadelphia, she finished her residency at residency at Emory.
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Thomas E. Sharon M.D.

Dr. Sharon received his residency from Emory university.
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Charles D. Wootten, M.D.

Dr. Wootten received his residency at Emory University Medical School.
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