Pregnancy Related & Postpartum Depression: Know the Signs and Get Help

Pregnant woman depression

50% of women who have postpartum depression (PPD), started having symptoms during pregnancy.

It is not the same as the baby blues, which usually lasts less than two weeks. Symptoms of postpartum depression can surface anywhere from a few weeks after delivery up to a year after birth. It is a common complication both during and after pregnancy. Hear Dr. Genevieve Fairbrother talk about the risks and management of postpartum depression.

Your individualized care depends on your needs and the needs of your baby, so please consult with your provider if you think you’re at risk of PPD.

You can also take a short questionnaire (10-questions) — known as Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale — with Fiona (TrueLabor app’s virtual health navigator) to determine your risk of PPD.  Download the TrueLabor pregnancy app >>

TrueLabor pregnancy app Fiona virtual navigaor

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